It’s time. (Re) Introducing, NittanyGeek.

I’ve officially made the shift away from the mindless scrolling on Facebook, sifting through ads and sponsored material to find original content from my friends and family. I felt like everything I posted was just getting burried in the endless cat pics and memes that my friends would constantly reshare, and the political drama was weighing me down to unbearable depths. If I were to survive in publishing my life experiences and sharing educational material with my friends and the world, I would need to move away from exclusively using social media and bring life back to the one platform that has never failed me.

Welcome to my blog!

I am constantly indulging myself with technology related projects and I really enjoy sharing my experiences in hopes that someone else may find them interesting, too. Hopefully even educational. I will tear things apart, dive into code, and hack away at open source projects to build fun and entertaining things. Home automation, drones, IT systems administration, and a lot more.

I hope you enjoy! ☺

Edit: The featured image of this post is of a La Fonera router flashed with Jasager being JTAG’d to bring it back to life, using an Arduino Uno as an FTDI to interface with.  Perhaps I’ll write an article on it someday, but I thought it was fitting for the theme of this post.

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I'm a combat veteran of the United States Army, and graduate from Penn State University in Information Science and Technology.

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